Site Privacy Policy

Seiko Optical Products (hereinafter "this Firm") recognizes the importance of personal information protection of everyone that uses this website and shall handle this information taking into account and implementing the following based on this Firm's 'Personal Information Protection Policy.'

  1. In the event that opinions and photographs, etc. of individuals are published on the website, this Firm shall always acquire the consent of that individual and shall then publish only valid information in light of the Personal Information Protection Policy.
  2. This Firm may collect personal information through the website in order to accept inquires, distribute surveys and emails, conduct campaigns, offer various rewards and provide member services in the website, etc.
  3. In the event that this Firm collects information, we will clearly specify its purpose of use. Moreover, we shall not collect information beyond the range necessary in order to achieve its purpose.
  4. In the event that this Firm is provided with personal information on the website's established input form, etc., as a general rule, appropriate encryption will be implemented in transmission and we will make efforts to prevent leaks, etc. at the time of receiving and sending the transmission.
  5. There are occasions when this Firm shall provide information provided via the website to our work contractors. Moreover, inquiries received through this Firm's website may be provided to applicable business successors. In these cases, these work contractors and business successors shall aim to thoroughly protect personal information in the same way as this Firm through a contract, etc., and shall work to prevent leaks of this information.
  6. This Firm shall not acquire information on individual usage trends by cookies in this website. An access log for the site will be obtained, but this information will not be used except for statistical data in website operations and investigations about unauthorized access, etc.
  7. This Firm shall take appropriate security measure in systems and operations, such as the server management system and access restrictions, in order to safely store personal information at the time of website operations.
  8. In the event that a user moves to a site operated by a third party corporation or individual from a link during usage of the website, this Firm shall consider the personal information protection of the linked site outside the scope of this Firm's responsibility.
  9. This firm shall work to protect personal information received from minors by handling this information in the same way as the personal information of adults, but, as necessary, there may be cases where consent will be obtained from the minor's parent or guardian.