SEIKO PCWide lenses are a new generation of free-form occupational lenses designed for people who spend most of their work time in a desktop environment. Their 100% back-surface design offers several advantages over single vision and progressive lenses. They are an ideal choice for those who desire the most comfortable vision and highest level of optical quality, especially when spending long hours on a computer or when reading or working up close. They are available in a variety of materials and coatings to further enhance their appeal.

Single-vision lenses (below, left) are designed for reading distances and are often inadequate in a desktop environment.

PCWide lenses eliminate the need for wearers to constantly remove their glasses or adjust position when switching between the computer and desktop work.

Progressive lenses (no-line bifocals, middle) have a large distance area that is not designed for desktop work. Their intermediate area is hard to use with a computer, especially with stronger add power. PCWide lenses are a good choice for current progressive lens wearers when doing desktop work. The intermediate vision portion extends the full height of the lens for comfortable computer use, and they offer a wide full power area for reading.

PCWide lenses (right) utilize a soft design and Reverse Power Accommodation Technology to control the lens power in a very precise and comfortable way. This provides sharp, clear vision at reading (35cm) and computer monitor distances (50cm). Wearers will adapt instantly to the smooth power transition in the extra wide intermediate portion.

Reverse Power Accommodation Technology controls the linear reversal in power as the eye moves upward in the lens. There are three types available, reversing the power by -1.00D, -1.50D or -2.00D. The full power reading area begins at 10mm below the lens fitting point, providing sharp focus at a reading distance of 35cm. The lens power then reverses linearly as the eye rotates up through the 25mm intermediate corridor. Lens power at the fitting point (lens GC) is reduced by 40%, providing sharp visual focus at the standard 50cm computer monitor distance.

Wearers will appreciate the wide full power area for reading, and smooth comfortable vision without strain or constant adjustment when using a computer, or when switching between various desktop tasks.

Prescribing SEIKO PCWide

To prescribe, specify the single-vision reading power and the monocular near PD. Lens Type is selected using the Universal Selection Chart on the order form, however, for those eye care professionals who wish to select Type based on specific reading and distance measurements, a Detailed Selection Chart software tool is available for download from the SEIKO website at www.seikoeyewear.com.

PCWide lenses are available in a variety of materials, including 1.50 plastic, Trivexᆴ, and polycarbonate as well as 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74 high index plastic. Transitionsᆴ lenses are also available (all materials except 1.74), but their use must be assessed with the need to remain in a desktop environment. Anti-reflective coatings are also recommended to optimize lens performance by reducing reflected glare.