Ultra 1.60

Ultra 1.60 Spherical & Aspheric, Finished & Semi-Finished Hardcoated & Surpass® ECP AR

SEIKO Optical Products Ultra 1.60 high-index single vision lenses are available in finished stock and semi-finished ranges, in both spherical and aspheric designs. Ultra 1.60 lenses are a high quality alternative for value conscious patients who are seeking the benefits of lightweight eyewear and high-index design.

Ultra 1.60 lenses are coated with a high-impact primer and index-matched hardcoat. They are also available with Surpass® AR featuring EasyClean® Plus, a super oleo/hydrophobic topcoat that repels water, oil and grime, and prevents deterioration due to UV, humidity and normal temperature fluctuations. Surpass ECP lenses are easier than ever to clean and they stay clean longer.

Finished product range is suitable for a majority of low cylinder Rx’s from +4.00D (spherical) or +6.00D (aspheric) to -10.00D. Semi-finished blanks extend the range even further, from +7.00D to -12.00D in spherical and +8.00D to -13.00D in aspheric lenses, out a full -5.00D cylinder.

Stock High Index Lenses

Ultra 1.60 (Spherical HC)
Ultra 1.60 (Spherical AR)
Ultra 1.60 AS (Aspheric HC)
Ultra 1.60 AS (Aspheric AR)

Ultra 1.60 (Spherical HC)
Ultra 1.60 AS (Aspheric HC)

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