Seiko finished and semifinished 1.67 Super SV lenses are the most technologically advanced single vision lenses available. They are based on Seiko’s dual-patented MX aspheric low-base design, and manufactured using high index MR-10 resin. MR-10 is less sensitive to heat and does not readily contract or expand—factors that can lead to warping and coating deterioration. The manufacturing process uses individually surfaced production molds utilizing Seiko’s digitally precise Free-From optical technology.

The patented MX design incorporates a 10mm spherical fitting “button” in the center of the lens. This button eliminates aspheric fitting problems, making patient accommodation practically automatic. The design perfects optics throughout the entire lens, and corrects the three primary aberrations in lenses—power error, marginal astigmatism, and distortion— while reducing chromatic aberration.

Seiko finished 1.67 Super SV lenses feature true 1.0mm dimple-free center thickness (-2.00 and above). They are hard coated with an exclusive double hardcoat (DHC) protection system that provides the safest 1.67 lenses available, even with 1.0mm centers. Seiko’s DHC not only offers excellent durability and scratch protection, it also tints fast and consistently, and can be custom coated with any quality AR coating.

Seiko finished 1.67 Super SV AR lenses are factory coated with a 16-layer high-impact AR process and new SuperClean hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoat. This coating system is index-matched to the lens to eliminate rainbow reflections (fringe interference) often seen with other AR coatings To help prevent slipping during the edging process, place a sticker designed for hydrophobic coatings between the pad and lens.

Seiko semi-finished lenses are made from 16 extra-thick blanks to provide the largest product range available. Semi-finished lenses are available clear hardcoated and in Transitions® VI Gray and Brown. This advanced photochromic technology gets darker in hotter temperatures, gets darker faster, and fades back to clear faster than ever before. Seiko 1.67 Super SV with Transitions lenses include durable hardcoat protection, as well as 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.

Largest Product Range

Finished 1.67 Super SV lenses are available from –10.00 to +6.00 (out to a –2.00 cylinder), and plano to –7.50, out to a –3.00 cylinder, with additional spheres at –10.50, –11.00, –11.50, & –12 .00. Semi-finished lenses can be processed to their full nominal diameters from +10.00 to –15.00, out to a –6.00 cylinder, with a total power of -15.00 diopters. Certain higher minus Rx’s or cylinders beyond –6.00 may be processed. Consult your lab.

Easy to Fit

Unlike conventional aspheric lenses, the patented MX design and spherical fitting button make Seiko 1.67 Super SV lenses forgiving of marginal fitting errors. For best results, measure monocular PD and pupil heights, and ensure the optical centers are fitted 1 to 3mm below pupils and that pantoscopic tilt is between 2 and 4°.

Fast, Consistent Tinting

All high-index lenses are sensitive to temperatures above 175°F. To achieve the best results for a sunglass tint, and maintain lens-center integrity, we suggest that you lower your normal dye pot temperature, or submerge the lenses in tint solution for no more than three-minute intervals, with cooling time in between. Transitions lenses cannot be tinted, however, they can be AR coated by quality custom AR coating labs.

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