Stock Lenses


These light-weight lenses offer outstanding durability and are incredibly thin. Seiko’s patented and proven MX low base technology improves optics on the periphery, reduces marginal astigmatism and distortion, and reduces chromatic aberration. They are available for a wide range of prescriptions down to a -15.00 sphere.

Seiko’s patented MX design incorporates a 10mm spherical fitting button in the center of the lens making patient accommodation practically automatic. They are available with a tintable hardcoat or SuperClean hydrophobic/oleophobic AR coating. Coated with our exclusive double hardcoat (DHC) protection system and manufactured using high-index MR-10 resin they are extremely durable and ideal for drill mounting.

Dual-sided aspheric design technology from Seiko provides the highest optical performance in a lens that is lighter, thinner and more comfortable than conventional aspheric or spherical front surface designs. This design compensates for distortion, peripheral power error and astigmatic abberation in a balanced manner at all viewing angles.


Ultra 1.60 lenses are available in stock finished and semi-finished ranges in both spherical and aspheric designs. They are a high quality alternative for value-conscious patients who are seeking the benefits of high-index design. Finished Ultra 1.60 lenses are available hardcoated (non-tintable) or with Surpass ECP AR coating.

  Diamond Clear Premium Polycarbonate Clear & Transitions VII Gray & Brown

DiamondClear lenses are available spherical or aspheric (non-tintable) hardcoated or with premium Surpass ECP AR coating.

NEW Diamond Clear aspheric AR extended range provides ECPs with a cost-effective premium stock alternative to surfaced polycarbonate and aftermarket AR for the majority of RXs.

  Diamond Clear Tintable Hardcoat

DiamondClear Tintable Hardcoat (spherical) lenses are made from optically pure, premium polycarbonate material, Fashion tints can be achieved as little as 15 minutes, and sunglass dark tinting (10-15% light transmission) in 30 minutes.


Seiko Optical Products Ultra 1.53 and AS 1.53 aspheric finished single vision lenses are made from Trivex,® a unique lightweight material that offers wearers a combination of superior optics and impact resistance. Ultra 1.53 lenses are available with Surpass AR, which includes a super hydrophobic and anti-static topcoat that repels water, oil and grime, and prevents deterioration due to UV, humidity and normal temperature fluctuations. Surpass AR lenses are extraordinarily easy to clean, and with a new anti-static formulation, lenses stay clean longer. AS 1.53 lenses are available hardcoated or with standard antireflective coating.

  Ultra 1.50 Clear

Ultra 1.50 lenses feature excellent optics and are available with Surpass AR with EasyClean Plus. Ultra 1.50 AR lenses help prevent distorting glare, have the toughest scratch resistance available, and are extremely easy to clean.


The largest selection of finished single-vision Transitions® lenses available include Ultra 1.50, DiamondClear aspheric polycarbonate, 1.67, and 1.74.

  • 1.74 T7 Gray with Surpass ECP AR
  • 1.67 T7 Gray hardcoated or with Surpass ECP AR / 1.67 T7 Brown with Surpass ECP AR
  • 1.59 T7 Diamond Clear Premium Aspheric Polycarbonate Gray/Brown both hardcoated or with Surpass ECP AR
  • 1.50 T7 Ultra 1.50 Gray/Brown both hardcoated or with Surpass ECP AR