SEIKO 1.74 Super MV AR
1.74 Super MV AR lenses take advantage of the latest in free-form lens technology to create the highest standard in terms of optical performance, thickness, lightness and comfort. Their double aspheric low base curve design compensates for distortion, peripheral power error and astigmatic aberration in a balanced manner. They are available from +10.00 to -20.00, out to a 5.00 cylinder (total power of -20.00 diopters).
  SEIKO 1.67 Super MV <double-sided Aspheric lens>
The world's first double-sided aspheric design technology offers the best in both optics and cosmetics over conventional spherical and aspheric designs.

SUPER MV's unique combination of low base curve and back-side free-form aspheric design provide exceptionally wide peripheral vision.

  SEIKO UltraThin Pristine 1.67 <double-sided Aspheric lens>
Advanced single vision provides improved peripheral vision right up to the edge of the lens.

UltraThin Pristine lenses are produced utilizing state-of-the-art free-form equipment and processed to unparalled levels of optical performance, thickness, lightness and comfort.


  SEIKO 1.74MX Single Vision Lenses <Aspheric lens>
These thin and light lenses control blurring throughout the lens and provide the best cosmetics.

Seiko 1.74 MX lenses are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and include a flexible shock-absorbing primer with extra-thick high-index tintable hardcoat.

  SEIKO Super SV 1.67

Seiko 1.67 aspheric lenses are available in 16 extra-thick blanks to provide the largest production range available. They are available clear (hardcoated or uncoated) and in Transitions® gray or brown.

  SEIKO Optical Ultra 1.60 (Spherical and Aspheric)

Seiko Ultra 1.60 lenses are a high quality alternative for value conscious patients who are seeking the benefits of lightweight eyewear and high-index design. They are available spherical (+7.00D to -12.00D) or aspheric (+7.00D to -13.00D) out to a full -5.00D cylinder.

 ultra 160


  SEIKO PolarThin 1.67

SEIKO Optical Products PolarThin 1.67 semi-finished spherical lens places the polarizing film closer to the surface of the lens blank – which allows the processing of thinner lenses. PolarThin 1.67 has the widest base selection and production range available to accommodate even the most difficult Rx’s. Create the thinnest and lightest fashion sunwear with PolarThin 1.67!

Polarthin Comparison Polarthin