Established in 1881. In 2001, the watch business division was spun-off as the overall finish to business restructuring which had been progressing since the latter half of the 1990s. At the present time, there has been a switch to a new management structure that unifies the business of each subsidiary as a complete holding company. Under this system, while respecting the uniqueness and autonomy of each business, we are demonstrating the synergy effect between businesses, increasing the power of the ‘SEIKO’ brand and at the same time pressing ahead with consolidated management.


Wako, an upmarket specialty retailer, is a landmark in Ginza, a high-end district in Tokyo with a rich international flavor that caters mostly to a mature customer. Wako sells a wide range of products, including watches, jewellery, men's and women's wear and accessories, interior supplies, arts and crafts, optical fashion, and foodstuffs. Backed by its long-standing reputation as a reliable retailer, Wako is well-known for its excellent offering of sophisticated products.


We have developed watch product planning and marketing activities covering the full process from design, advertising and sales promotion for retailers to after-sales service, aimed at a global market. Through these business activities, Seiko Watch strives to help people live richer time, sharing joy, emotion and pride.


The clock business has been with us since the company was established, and covers the full process from clock product planning and development to manufacture, sale and after-sales service. We have manufacturing sites in Japan and abroad, and are now developing overseas sales activities from Japan. We aim to take superior products to the market through our high quality and technology, and the creation of tradition.


We have developed a solutions and electronic device business through information and precision technology acquired over many years. We alone in Japan have developed and sold servers and connection protocols to the Time Authorities and Time Stamp Authorities; we contribute to the customer and to society by offering the market creative key solutions and key devices such as digital camera shutters and small-scale motors for those peripheral and applied areas, automation equipment, industrial printers, and other items of precision equipment.


Seiko Instruments Inc. manufactures SEIKO brand’s luxury mechanical watches and provides quartz movements achieving one of the largest shares in worldwide production.

Based on the technologies nurtured in the watch manufacturing, we provide the world with small, low-power consumption electronic devices used in mobile phones and digital appliances, as well as ultra-precision micro-mech components for hard disk drives. We also offer a wide variety of innovative products and services ranging from system solutions for more comfortable network society, including account settlement terminals and order entry systems, to printers and measurement and analysis instruments.


Specifically in our semiconductors business, we have developed products fully utilizing our leading analog and digital application technologies for use in telecommunications equipment, digital consumer electronics and home information appliances.One of our flagship product lines is quartz crystal oscillator ICs, which have the top share in the global market. These ICs are key components that manage reference clock signals, which control various electronic devices.


SEIKO SPORTS LIFE CO., LTD. conducts businesses that range from product planning and development to domestic and overseas sales and after sales service of stop watches. It also deals in sports timing devices, fitness products including runners' watches and pedometers, and musical accessories including metronomes and tuners. It thus specialises in consumer products that support mental and physical fitness through the enjoyment of sports and music. And it actively provides timing system support to various international and domestic sporting events to contribute to the promotion of sports and international cooperation. We also contribute to the promotion of sport and international co-operation through timekeeping support and sponsorship at sporting competitions in Japan and abroad.


Established in 1970, Seiko Time Systems Inc. is engaged in the integrated manufacturing, planning, development, sales, and after-sales services of its products, ranging from system clocks that are widely used in public places, such as schools and hospitals, marionette clocks, and technical clocks, such as those for broadcasting stations to sports timing devices that are accurate to within 10 thousandth of a second, data processing computer systems, and all types of large-sized displays. The company is actively providing timing system support to a variety of sporting events on the strength of Seiko's abundant experience and advanced technologies that have been cultivated over the years at such international sporting events as the Olympic Games.


CRONOS INC. is one of the largest Japanese luxury timepiece retailers, operating numerous shops-in-shops, especially in famous department stores nationwide. As well as sales of the SEIKO brand and other prestigious watches, jewellery, and eyeglasses, it also offers watch repair and associated services.


Seiko Service Center has established a system that offers high quality service underpinned by its People (techniques), Objects (equipment) and Information (network), making full use of its superior technological capabilities gained throughout tradition, and the latest equipment. "Accuracy, speed, and peace of mind" are the fundamental philosophies behind our repair and maintenance. Customers can trust Seiko Service Center's repairs to breathe a new lease of life into the timepiece they love.

Human Capital Co., Ltd.

This company offers office agency services and temporary employment placement for Seiko Holdings Corporation and each business company.